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Press releases & Interviews

International Conferences

Fietsparkeercongres 2019: Innovaties in techniek en beleid organised by Ministerie I&W, NS, ProRail, Gemeente Utrecht, CROW-Fietsberaad. Utrecht, The Netherlands (Nov, 2019)

20th International WALK21 Conference on Walking and Liveable Communities. Rotterdam, The Netherlands (Oct, 2019)

‘Is the bike a stone-on-the-path for the pedestrian?’ - Managing bicycle parking facilities in the public space. Ubeda, J. Dijkstra, E.

Joint International Conference ISOCARP-OAPA on “Smart communities”. Portland, USA (Oct, 2017)

Walkability in Amsterdam: from scientific research to pedestrian policy making. Ubeda, J.

AGILE. 21st Conference on Geographic Information Science. Lund, Sweden (Jun, 2018)

Simulating spatio-temporal patterns of pedestrian tourists in Amsterdam presented at the Workshop “Modelling Urban Dynamics” 

Research Committee 21 International Conference: Rethinking Global Urban Justice. Leeds, England (Sept, 2017)

Sketching: A non-conventional approach to evaluate the walkability in Amsterdam. Ubeda, J.

14th NECTAR International Conference: Transport in a networked society. Madrid, Spain (Jun, 2017)

Green routes: An environmental quality assessment of the cycling infrastructure in Amsterdam. Ubeda, J., Willbrink, J and Joosten, F. 

Geodesign Summit Europe Proceedings. Delft, NL (Oct, 2016)

Urban Core Densification of Jerez: An Agent based Spatio-temporal Model. Ubeda, J. and Sauter, E. 

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