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SpaceTraces was founded by Julia Ubeda, an urban data specialist, working at the intersection between urban planning and spatial data. It was born out of personal years of research, observation and experience and of a need to create new ways of working.


SpaceTraces brings practical and easy-to-grasp urban solutions ready for implementation.

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Julia Ubeda is passionate about prototyping digital tools that support urban policy making processes by using geo-data and spatial data visualizations. She is motivated to tackle the core of the problem and enjoys working through the end-to-end creation process of a plan of action together with her partners.

Julia is an active speaker and has presented her work in international conferences such as WALK21 and ISOCARP. She designed innovative models that are currently implemented by the City of Amsterdam. 


She is currently an Urban Analytics lecturer at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences where she is leading the development of a digital toolkit to "empower citizens towards the energy transition" part of the Interreg European project EMPOWER2.0. 


Ruben van der Valk has collaborated with SpaceTraces in several projects.

Ruben is a practical person who is focused on getting results and likes working under pressure. Simply written, he enjoys work that has a positive impact on society.


Ruben has been working for the Red Cross Dutch team as a back-end developer for the last two years. He is a team member of the 121 project where he uses blockchain Technology (Sovrin) to manage digital identities. He also worked on a dashboard development to visualise and forecast the impact of predicted floods in Zambia.  

At the moment, he works for Waternet.  


His field of expertise is GIS programming, web development, spatial (big) data analyses and spatial data management. His passion is working on automating processes. 

Sharing and advising others in new and challenging innovations inspire us.

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